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I have been ‘resting’ as they say, but in reality only from the discipline of blogging not weaving. I am ready to re-enter the weaving world . A quick overview of the last few months then.

I had the break as I seemed to have over committed myself and had rather a lot on!

First my husbands 70th birthday. A fantastic day and a garden full of old friends and non-stop music. all live and made by our kids, grand kids, old friends and neighbours.

Then I had promised to make my  niece’s  prom dress. She chose a beautiful Vintage Vogue pattern which was a nightmare to make and involved yards of fabric.

Then time seemed to slip away, but I began to muse and plan and work out whether I should invest in a new loom. My Bergman functions OK and has sentimental attachments but it is not perfect. She is old and a bit rickety. I have been very impressed by the blogs written by Louet Spring owners. Finally in November I contacted wonderful Don Porritt who was incredibly helpful and fair with prices and shipping and I placed an order for an 8 shaft Spring 90.

Then I had to be patient as the factory in the Netherlands had just sold the last one and had to make another run. This took me until December. Then it snowed here and in Netherlands. In deep snow 2 weeks before Christmas a carrier drew up outside and delivered my loom beautifully packed on a pallet (which was not wasted but chopped up for the woodburner. The pallet not the loom!)

While waiting for the delivery I completely revamped my weaving room/hut/ex-garage  but transformed into  weaving studio!!! I have always allowed things to be stored in this space,musical instruments,bedding,camping gear, which reduced it to store room while I longed for’ a room of my own’.

I now have two 8-shaft looms and an 8-shaft table loom. I have my sewing machine and overlocker ready for use, and I have organised,de-cluttered and cleaned. I do not have any misconceptions that it will remain like this as I function a bit like a tornado when creating. I wish to reform this state (one day) I even have hooks with scissors hanging in size order!!!!

My lovely new loom can be seen standing naked in the background.

I have woven some towels for Christmas presents but was so pushed for time I forgot to photograph them.

And from the other direction….


 I even have enough space for a chair and all my books and for my ‘quiet time/meditation each day. I have great difficulty with this discipline but its something which I believe is important and which I want to incorporate into my weaving day.

I have been quite active on the weaving front, though because I wasn’t writing my blog I kept forgetting to take pictures.

I managed to weave an  11 metre length on the Bergman to make a jacket. I found this very exciting and it opens up many doors of possibility in the future. I copied a favourite Chinese type jacket which had worn out. I used some greeny silk noil and natural   the threading was a simple crepe weave to avoid any prominant pattern .

And the last thing I wove on the Bergman which was a linen runner in Snail Trail and  Cat’sPaw Overshot….


This was a gift for my second son Luke and his wife Tess. They have just moved into a cottage near Rye and it was a housewarming present. Tess got much pleasure from placing her bits of collected Poole pottery on it as it reflected the blue which I had used. On the strength of all this she has asked me to weave some tweed curtains for the dining room.


Those are the washing instructions pinned to the bottom!!!! I should have woven it much longer but the loom was playing up and I was getting skips , Christmas was on the horizon and I became restless and wanted it finished. Can’t wait to try again on the Spring. I forgot to mention that weaving on a new contemporary loom is like the difference between driving an old banger and suddenly being given a brand new Mazda or something similar. Possibly not so quirky and temperamental but does the job without faults and is so dependable and smooth to work with.

Having said that I am determined not to allow my Bergman to languish. I love her personality and it was her presence which led to weaving  and all that goes with it.

I wove some towels in Swedish Drall in linen for presents, and my daughter wants some. I have found a wonderful source for linen (thank you Dot) and have just run out of white half way through winding the warp, so I will be able to share pictures of a dressed loom next time. I am just waiting for the post so that I can get going.


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